PharmEasy Optima 3 in 1 Vaporizer Steamer for Cold and Cough for Face for Adults & Kids | Steam Inhaler Machine for Facial Sauna for Glowing Skin | Vaporiser Streamer for Blackheads | 1 Year Warranty

July 24, 2021
Rs. 599 
Rs. 369 
You save Rs. 230 (38%)

Product Details

  • Do you have a cold and a blocked nasal passage? Do you want to moisturise and glow your skin? PharmEasy’s All in One Vaporizer provides relief from cough and cold, while also helps with cleansing, glowing and moisturising the skin. The steam machine helps to decongest the nose and brings instant relief, allowing you to sleep better at night. The All in One Vaporizerer can also be used for cosmetic purposes as it can prevent acne while expanding and opening up the pores
  • PharmEasy All in One Vaporizer steamer for cough and cold has many benefits and it can help ease symptoms of the flu or a cold. It also boosts facial health as it opens up the pores while unclogging it, preventing pimples and acne. You can also use the machine vapour steamer for aromatherapy, by adding a few drops of essential oil and breathing in the steam. This calms the nerves and provides relaxation
  • This premium all in one vapour steamer not only keeps the sinuses clear and decongests the lungs, but also gives you clearer and glowing skin! For a unique shaving experience, you can steam before shaving, as it smoothens the beard. The product has three attachments that can be used for different purposes such as face steamer
  • Sleep peacefully at night with no headache and a clear nasal passage with PharmEasy’s All in One Vaporizer which can also be used as an inhaler for cold and cough. Also get clearer and glowing skin with no acne or pimples. The vapour steamer for cold and cough is made with 100% plastic so there is no chance of an electrical shock. The three attachments ensure that the steamer can be modified to suit the specific purpose
  • PharmEasy All in One Vaporizer is designed to provide relief from the annoying symptoms of the common cold like headaches, chest congestion, blocked nasal passage, and can also be used as inhaler for cold and cough. The vapour steamer also unclogs pores, reducing blackheads and acne

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