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Go Vegan Premium Healthy Nutmix 1kg, Dried Almonds, Cashewnuts, Cranberries, Green Raisins, Walnut Kernels, Pinapple Coil, Black Raisins, Mix Fruit & More

October 17, 2023
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Product Details

  • High protein, high dietary fibre, no gluten, no gmo, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, healthy nuts and dried fruits, good for an active lifestyle, low in fat, calories and sodium, ideal for weight watchers, high in proteins and anti oxidants, slows the ageing process and keeps diseases away, rich source of minerals, folic acid, calcium and iron, improves digestion, immunity, mental health, stop urinary tract infections
  • Almonds, cashews nuts, cranberries, pumpkin ,sunflower, green raisins, black raisins, We almost ran out of breath. Take things to the next level with this superfood mix!
  • Nothing but goodness: This trail mix contains NO GMOs, artificial flavours, or preservatives and is free of trans fat
  • With natural sugars and fiber, zero cholesterol and fats, and a variety of delectable flavors, nuts and dry fruits are an easy source of all essential nutrients. The right and regular mix of almonds, cashews, pistachios, dates, raisins and other nuts and dry fruits are all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cashew nuts when eaten in limits help in improving health of skin. Cashew nut oil, is used in a number of cosmetics. It helps to reduce tan and prevents skin damage, and also helps protect and recover cracked heels, thereby nourishing them. Cashew nuts are rich in Vitamin E and consist anti-ageing properties, which is fruitful for skin.
  • BEST FOR THE BEST: Your favourite snack is made in small batches and uses only the most premium quality ingredients. This snack is vegan, gluten-free by its nature, and 100% wholesome!

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