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THE HONEY SHOP – Raw Organic Forest Honey, Wild, Unprocessed, Unheated, Non Pasteurized, Original Honey 100% pure and Natural, Collected From Deep Forest Apis Dorsata (700g) - Pack of 1

December 2, 2021
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  • APIS-DORSATA COLLECTION: Our raw forest honey is not from the man managed bee boxes (bee keeping). Its collection from the wild bees called apis dorsata present in deep forest of india. Apis dorsata is native only to south east asia and built natural hives in the forest region.
  • RICH NECTAR SOURCE: Apis Dorsata are three times more bigger than apis melifera (bees used in bee keeping) and their nectar collection radius can be up to 3 miles. They collect nectar from various medicinal plants present in their nectar collection radius. Honey analysis from intertech lab germany suggests that our raw forest honey has nectar from 18 different family of trees.
  • LOADED WITH POLLENS: Honey from Apis Dorsata is loaded with bee pollens. It has almost 10 times more pollens then the honey harvested in bee keeping. Honey analysis from Intertech lab Germany suggests that our Raw Forest Honey contains pollens from 23 different family of trees found in deep forest of India.
  • MOST NATURAL HONEY: This Honey is collected from the Wild Bees. There is thus no human interference involved. Moreover the Wild Bees feast on the Organic blossoms present in deep forest making this honey a boon.
  • COLLECTED WITH GREAT DIFFICULITY : Apis Dorsata Honey Bees are much more aggressive than the Bees used in Bee Keeping. They build their hives is most difficult places to collect, like tall trees, cliffs etc. Our trained tribal honey foragers collect this honey with great difficulty and efforts. However the honey collected is so good and unique that all the efforts made in its collection are worth it.; Package Contents: 1 x 700 gm of Raw Organic Forest Honey
  • INTENSE FLAVOUR AND BEAUTIFUL TASTE : Our Forest Honey has nectar and pollens from many wild trees present in deep forest. This gives it a divine taste and a distinctive texture that will tantalize your senses.

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