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ZORO Double Ring Dark Grey Nylon Woven Fabric Belt for Men | NB-610

September 9, 2023
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Product Details

  • Width - The belt has a width of 40mm, which refers to the measurement of the strap from one edge to the other. This width provides a sturdy and substantial appearance, making it suitable for holding up pants or adding a fashionable touch to an outfit.
  • Belt type - The belt is made of nylon fabric, specifically a nylon fabric belt. Nylon is a synthetic material known for its durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. Nylon fabric belts are popular for their versatility, as they can be worn in various casual settings.
  • Buckle - The belt features a double ring zinc alloy buckle. Zinc alloy is a metal alloy composed primarily of zinc, combined with other elements to enhance its strength and durability. The double ring buckle design adds a stylish touch to the belt and provides a secure fastening mechanism.
  • Size - The belt is designed to fit waist sizes up to 40 inches. This measurement indicates that the belt is adjustable to accommodate individuals with waist sizes ranging from smaller to the maximum size mentioned. The ability to adjust the size ensures a comfortable fit for the wearer.
  • Occasion - The belt is suitable for casual occasions and is primarily intended for men. Its casual nature makes it ideal for everyday wear, such as with jeans or khaki pants. It adds a touch of style to a casual outfit and can be worn in settings like social gatherings, outings, or informal workplaces. Its versatility and design make it a practical accessory for men seeking a comfortable and fashionable belt option.

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