Li Ning Badminton Racquet

Li-Ning Super Series 900 Carbon Fibre Strung Badminton Racket with Full Racket Cover (Red/Grey) | For Intermediate Players | 84 grams | Maximum String Tension - 30lbs

November 2, 2022
Rs. 4290 
Rs. 1499 
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Product Details

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 84 grams, the Li-Ning badminton racket features a lightweight design. This makes it suitable for players who prioritize quick maneuverability and swift reactions on the badminton court, contributing to a dynamic playing experience.
  • Li-Ning Brand: The racket is from the renowned Li-Ning brand, known for producing high-quality badminton equipment. Li-Ning is recognized for its commitment to innovation and performance, making this racket a reliable choice for players seeking reputable and well-crafted gear.
  • Comfortable 4-Inch Grip Size: With a grip size of 4 inches, the racket provides a comfortable and secure hold. The grip size is an essential factor for player comfort and control during gameplay, ensuring that players can confidently handle the racket and execute their shots with precision.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted with carbon fiber material, the racket offers a combination of strength and lightness. Carbon fiber is known for its durability and ability to provide a high power-to-weight ratio. This material choice contributes to the overall performance of the racket, making it suitable for players looking for a balance of power and control.
  • Included Components : 1 x Badminton Racquet with cover

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