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Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder - 5 Kg

August 14, 2022
Rs. 770 
Rs. 592 
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Product Details

  • SURF EXCEL EASY WASH DETERGENT POWDER: This detergent targets tough stains with its superfine powder and removes them easily without being harsh on the fabric. So, enjoy your dinner parties and let go of the fear of stains β€” your clothes will be blemish-free and bright as before with this detergent.
  • BEST STAIN REMOVAL: This superfine detergent powder makes the tedious job of washing clothes easier. This washing powder will remove all stains β€” from ketchup stains, mud blemishes, and food spills to paint spots β€” with ease and leave your clothes fresh and spotless.
  • COLOUR CARE: Our Surf Excel Easy Wash Washing Powder gets rid of stubborn stains but retains the original colour of the fabric. It works on both coloured and white clothes and ensures that the colour does not transfer and your clothes do not become dull.
  • EASY AND BETTER DISSOLUTION: The Surf Excel Easy Wash detergent powder dissolves very quickly in water. It also reaches the stains on the clothes effortlessly without leaving any residue on the clothes or the washing machine.
  • POWER OF 10 HANDS: The engineered formula and superior technology of Surf Excel Easy Wash Washing Powder unleashes the power of 10 hands that effectively removes even the most stubborn stains, be it oil, curry, dirt, etc.
  • HOW TO Use: To hand-wash clothes, use 2 scoops of Surf excel Easy Wash detergent powder. For machine-wash, use 3 scoops of Surf Excel Easy Wash washing powder. For tough stains, pre-soak your clothes in Surf Excel Easy Wash solution for 30 mins.

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