Cloth Drying Rope

Kuber Industries Cloth Drying Rope | Nylon Synthetic Laundry Line Rope | Laundry Clothesline | Cloth Drying Wire Synthetic Rope | Clothes Drying Line | 20 MTR | Multicolor

November 22, 2023
Rs. 499 
Rs. 98 
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Product Details

  • 💠 PACKAGE CONTAIN : 1 Piece Cloth Drying Synthetic Rope | MATERIAL : Nylon | 20 MTR | PACKAGE DIMENSION : 2000 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
  • 💠 VERSATILE HANGING OPTIONS : The Cloth Drying Rope offers versatile hanging options, making laundry day a flexible and convenient experience. You can easily adapt the rope to your specific drying needs. Whether you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space or have a backyard with poles, this rope can be strung in various configurations. The flexibility in hanging options ensures that you can maximize your space and dry your clothes effectively.
  • 💠 ROBUST STYLE & DURABLE ROPE : The Cloth Drying Rope is designed with a robust style, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. The rope is crafted from quality materials, making it strong and resilient to the weight and strain of wet laundry. Its robust style means you can trust it to securely hold your clothes as they air dry.The durability of the rope ensures that you can use it repeatedly without worrying about wear and tear.
  • 💠 TRAVEL FRIENDLY & ECO-CONSCIOUS : The Rope is not just a home essential; it's also a traveler's best friend and an eco-conscious choice. Its portable design makes it perfect for travelers who want to maintain clean and fresh clothes while on the go. You can easily pack it in your luggage, ensuring you have a reliable solution for clothes during your travels.Additionally, by air-drying your laundry with this rope, you're making an eco-friendly choice by reducing energy consumption associated.
  • 💠 EASY TO INSTALL & USE : The Cloth Drying Rope is designed to be incredibly easy to install and use. You don't need any special skills or tools to set it up. Simply find suitable anchor points, whether it's hooks on walls, balcony railings, or any secure fixtures, and hook or tie the rope securely. Once in place, you're ready to hang your laundry. The simplicity of installation means you can have it ready in moments, saving you time and effort.

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