Badminton Racquets (Pack of 2)

Li-Ning XP - 80 - IV Aluminium Strung Badminton Racket with Full Racket Cover (Grey/Blue, Pack of 2) | For Beginners | 95 grams | Maximum String Tension - 20lbs

October 12, 2021
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Product Details

  • S2 Grip Size and W4 Weight: The badminton racket is equipped with an S2 grip size, measuring 3.25 inches, providing players with a comfortable and secure hold. With a weight classification of W4 (90-95 grams), it offers a balanced feel, suitable for beginners seeking a racket that is both manageable and responsive.
  • Oval Head Shape: The racket features an oval head shape, providing a classic design that balances power and control. The oval head shape typically concentrates the sweet spot towards the center, allowing beginners to develop consistent and accurate shots. This shape is well-suited for players who are still refining their techniques.
  • Aluminium Construction: The racket is constructed with aluminium, a material known for its durability and affordability. The use of aluminium provides a sturdy frame that can withstand the learning curve of beginner players. This material choice strikes a balance between strength and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal option for those entering the sport.
  • Medium Flexibility and Beginner Level: With a medium flexibility rating, the racket offers a blend of power and control, making it suitable for players who are still developing their playing style. Geared towards beginners, the racket is designed to provide a forgiving feel, allowing novice players to focus on improving their skills without being hindered by the racket's characteristics. The overall design and specifications cater to the needs of entry-level players, emphasizing ease of use and adaptability.
  • Included Components : 2 x Badminton Racquet with cover

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